Teutonia II Quadrant Chronograph

The nautical origins of our company are also reflected in an elegant watch family such as the Teutonia. Even our classical timepieces are first and foremost instruments for measuring time and have to measure up to the nautical virtues – clarity of display, reliability and precision. Thanks to our fine regulation and a high-quality case which is water-resistant to 10 bars, the Teutonia II Quadrant Chronograph has everything it takes to fulfill these requirements (for further special features of our quadratic case, see page 40).

M1-33-35-LB M1-33-35-LB (backside)

With a rectangular chronograph in particular however, the challenge is to ensure that the seconds in a stopped time are easily readable even in the corners of the case. In our opinion it is no problem to combine a square-shaped case with the demand for an easy-to-read display, as the case dimensions and hand length ratio can still be designed to give the watch a very harmonious design.

Thus the Teutonia II Quadrant Chronograph is also a worthy champion of our nautical virtues – which, by the way, also finds expression in the name of the watch. In marine navigation, the word quadrant designates an area given by the ship’s position and the system of coordinates used.

Movement: MU 9408, automatic with woodpecker neck regulation, Glashütte three-quarter plate and characteristic surface finishes. Stop-second. Fast date correction with lowered pusher at 10 o’clock. 48-hr power reserve. Case: brushed/polished stainless steel. Anti-glare sapphire crystal. Transparent case back. Screw-in crown, 38.0 x 38.0 mm; H 14.0 mm. Water-resistant to 10 bars. Crocodile leather strap with stainless steel butterfly clasp. Screwed strap attachment bridges. Dial: silver, guilloche finish. Applied indices, blackened hands.

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Teutonia II Chronograph

Teutonia II Quadrant Chronograph

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