Patented Woodpecker Neck Regulation:

Precision under Harshest Conditions

Woodpecker Neck RegulationOur watches must always be reliable. This is why we at Mühle-Glashütte always do a little more than is actually necessary. For example, our woodpecker neck regulation is used in every Mühle watch, even those, which, unlike our S.A.R. Rescue-Timer, do not have to prove themselves in risky rescue operations.

We developed the fine regulation in 2003 to ensure the accuracy of our mechanisms even under the harshest conditions. With traditional fine regulation systems, more violent shocks may cause the index hand between the regulation screw and the counter-pressure spring to jump upwards. This may in turn change the position of the balance shaft or the watch’s regulation.

By engaging in a semicircular shaped hollow in the index, our specially shaped woodpecker neck spring prevents the index hand from moving upwards. The index hand thus not only presses sideways against the fine regulation screw, but at the same time downwards on the balance cock.

Woodpecker Neck RegulationWe derived the name “woodpecker neck” regulation from the characteristic shape of the spring, which resembles the neck and head of a woodpecker. By analogy, we call the improved index hand “woodpecker neck hand“.

The watch is regulated as usual by turning the fine regulation screw. This moves the woodpecker neck hand and increases or decreases the effective length of the balance spring. The typical momentum of the woodpecker spring allows very sensitive regulation of the watch. After regulation, the fine regulation screw is additionally held in position by a clamping screw.

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