Newly Developed Three-Quarter Plate:

Keeping Glashuette Tradition Alive

Three Quarter PlateWe at Nautische Instrumente Mühle-Glashütte provide our chronographs with a really special technical gem: our newly developed three-quarter plate.

The three-quarter plate is a typical feature of high-quality Glashütte watches. It is called this because it covers approximately three quarters of the movement, providing stable support for the spring barrel, crown and ratchet wheel as well as for the entire gear train.

As is tradition in Glashütte, we have equipped it with the classical Glashütte click, which keeps the pressure on the ratchet wheel down and thus minimizes signs of wear. Moreover, the three-quarter plate has a removable escape wheel bridge. This bridge not only looks very attractive with its red jewel and two blued screws, but it facilitates above all an inspection of the watch because the escape wheel and indeed the entire escapement can be removed and cleaned more easily.

Three Quarter PlateOur three-quarter plate also enabled us to increase the durability, serviceability and aesthetics of the chronograph movements (ETA 7750/ETA 7753) that we use. And because we not only integrate our three-quarter plate into them, but also design the regulation, balance cock, automatic bridge and rotor ourselves, we stamp our own calibration mark MU 9408 on them with pride.

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