Instruments for Time Measurement:

The Development of a New Muehle Watch

Just like our marine chronometers and marine time systems, our wristwatches are also instruments for measuring time. That’s why they look as they do: plain and simple and with no frills, the only solution that allows you to read the exact time at a glance.


We see this as the elementary function of a watch, and the one which takes priority over all others. For this reason we concentrate on clarity of display, reliability and precision when developing our timepieces.

When developing a new watch, we start by designing the face. The most important thing to consider here is what the watch is to be used for. This determines whether we use a central or off-centre second hand, polished or luminous indices, and Arabic or Roman numerals.

But we also have to give some thought to the case: How wide is the bezel? What about the transition between case and strap? What is the maximum permissible thickness of the watch? What water pressure will it have to withstand? We at Nautische Instrumente Mühle-Glashütte leave nothing to chance in order to ensure perfect clarity of display and functionality in our timepieces.

The watch mechanism is, of course, particularly important. For this reason we ourselves develop many of the components that are important for accuracy: for example our patented woodpecker neck regulation. In addition to the accurate fit of all the parts, regulation after assembly is of critical importance.

Clear display, reliability, precision: We take these nautical principles into account when developing the dial, case and parts of the movement.