Functional Aesthetics:

Sensible Finishes for our Movements

We at Nautische Instrumente Mühle-Glashütte are first and foremost watchmakers. All the work we put into a watch mechanism is above all intended to make our timepieces more accurate and more reliable. So what we do to our watches is done not only for aesthetic reasons, but above all for functional reasons. We call this functional aesthetics.

Functional AestheticsAll moving parts in a watch mechanism are subject to a certain amount of wear, but the less friction in the gear train, the less wear. For this reason, our metal surfaces are sealed, hardened and polished. It is precisely this very attractive polishing that lends the surfaces of levers and springs more density and tension – resulting in even higher accuracy.

Even the attractive color of our blued screws serves a function. For blueing, which is also called tempering, provides additional corrosion protection. Each screw undergoes a very special process. First of all, the screws are treated with different materials and abrasive or polishing agents in a five-stage polishing process. After polishing, the screws are heated to 300° Celsius, which gives them their attractive blue color.

In addition to this functional treatment we also, for traditional reasons, use different grainings to enhance the appearance of the mechanism, for example the Glashütte solarization. These grainings are, as a matter of principle, applied manually and make each watch unique. In the past they also had a particular function – to eliminate traces of machining caused during the manual cutting out or drilling of the parts.

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