Characteristic Muehle Rotor:

Using Gravity Efficiently

For a watch to function reliably and accurately over a long period of time, all of the component parts of the watch mechanism have to work together perfectly: from the drive via the gear train to the escapement and regulation. For this reason we have not only developed our own fine regulation, but also pay great attention to everything, starting with the rotor.

Our automatic watches are driven by the rotor. Set in motion by the wearer’s arm movements, it uses its rotational force to wind the watch. For this to function efficiently, we design and manufacture the rotor ourselves on our own machines. For everything has to be absolutely right at this stage and manufactured to the closest possible tolerances.

Characteristic Muehle RotorCharacteristic Muehle Rotor

Our Mühle rotor consists of an engraved middle segment and a special heavy metal semicircular ring which reinforces the tendency of the rotor to rotate downwards due to the earth’s gravitational pull. Four gold-plated rivets connect this rotating weight to the outer circumference of the middle segment. We press a low-friction ball bearing into the middle of this segment as the constant movement puts a heavy load on the rotor bearing.

The rotor is not only one of the largest components in the mechanism; it also operates visibly on the back of the mechanism. In our opinion, such an important component of course deserves a suitable finish.

The rotor is therefore nickelized or rhodanized, meaning that it is provided with a wafer-thin coating of one of the elements in the group of the platinum metals, giving it a silvery insensitive surface. Moreover, the middle segment is engraved with our lettering and given the Glashütte solarization.

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Characteristic Muehle Rotor
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